Monthly Archives: July 2015

World of ZeeZ 30

WoZHey Gang! welcome to episode 30 of the World of ZeeZ podcast. We get an e-mail update from Prim and Bigdawgy. We have a great “Meet the Z” with our rogue guildie Cloggie! Diz asks you to send in game play that you think has improved since you’ve been playing WoW. Jason lets us in on another hunter taming quest. The world first race is over.  Zeez is doing awesome in normal progression. And we give a shout out to @zoezazu, a wonderful badge artist on twitter! Have a listen and have fun! Diz

World of ZeeZ 29

WoZHey gang!!! Welcome to episode 29 of the World of ZeeZ podcast. We love to play World of Warcraft and we love the new 6.2 patch and Tanaan Jungle!!!! Diz shares a unique Heros of the Storm story along with getting shellacked in PVP skirmishes. We talk a little GCTV Tournament 20 and Zyklon gives us some 6.2 tips and tricks. And of course our latest happenings in the ZeeZ Guild! Have a listen and have fun!!!