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World of ZeeZ 34

WoZHey gang! welcome to episode 34! We feature a segment from The Gold Queen herself!!! Enjoy her 3 minute tips on making gold in the world of WoW! And don’t forget you can find her at . Also we talk about bad habits in Wow and take on a few from listeners who sent in submissions from Twitter and Facebook. Plus all the happenings of the ZeeZ Guild the past 2 weeks! If you’d like to join our guild, just head on over to the Arygos U.S. server and hit us up! We’d love to have you! Have a listen and have fun! Take care gang, Diz.

World of ZeeZ 33

WoZHey gang! Welcome to Episode 33 Of the World of Zeez Podcast!
In this episode we have a “Meet the Z” with Tammy and David
We get an email from Cloggie and Diz lets everyone know about a free
e-mail course from The Gold Queen, a gold making blogger in WoW
who gives easy tips on how to play WoW for free. You can find her
course at URL:
Zyklon has been making videos of our raid kills and posting
them on youTube. Just search tyrntix and subscribe and enjoy!
We have a Facebook pumpkin carving contest and as always
ZeeZ is having a blast in Raids. Have a listen and have fun.

World of ZeeZ 32

WoZHey Gang! Welcome to Episode 32 of the World of Zeez Podcast! Blizzcon is just around the corner! Diz is at the halfway mark on gold capping and he gives some tips and insight on how to play WoW for free! We introduce new Members Kodiak and Raynedrop and give a shout out to Vercina, a ZeeZ pug raider. Have a listen and have fun!!!! Diz