World of ZeeZ 36

WoZHey gang welcome to episode 36 of The World of ZeeZ podcast where we just love talking about world of Warcraft! In this episode we talk about Patch 6.2.3, the Legion Alpha, Diz has an RNG run in with the wonderful @serenitysaz in LFR. We have another segment from The Gold Queen, and we welocme Garcey, Zevandel to the Raid Team! We love to Play this game! Have a listen and have fun! Diz

2 thoughts on “World of ZeeZ 36

  1. Johnny (aka Yediman)

    wow when i was listening to your Podcast it was wonderful. I was the hunter in the raid Johnnyhunter-silvermoon realm ilvl 100 that new comer to the Zeez guild my toon is Yediman lvl 8 I love the show it was great and hope to hear more Diz and Jason you guys was assume


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