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World of ZeeZ 39

WoZHey WoW friends & guildies! Welcome to Episode 39 of the podcast.  Diz gives out a few Shipyard tips to help with the legendary ring. We introduce new guildies Kaben, Zensus, and Krames We get a couple of 5star iTunes reviews and emails from Cloggie, Cavalry and Kat! And ZeeZ is done with our HFC normal progression and moving on to Heroic HFC! Have a listen and Have fun! Diz Reach us at or on twitter @DiztheWarlock

World of ZeeZ 38

WoZHappy New Year WoW friends and Guildies! This episode Santhamaz joins us as Jason is live with us in the California studio! We welcome new members Chandrika and Tybur! We continue our HFC normal progression and we get e-mails from Cloggie and Cavalry! We also mention our 1st ITunes review and the winners of our Facebook Christmas Movie Contest! ZeeZ is looking forward to 2016 with a bang gang! have a listen and have fun!! Diz