World of ZeeZ 45a

WoZHey gang!!! Welcome to our first supplemental episode of the podcast!. We start off with a movie intro as always and these will apply to our movie intro contest. So send in your guesses to ok. We’ve downloaded Drews ZeeZ Recruitment video audio to give listeners an idea of what our ZeeZ Guild is about. Then we get right into our ZeeZ Guild Raid Shenanigans recorded and put together by Lisa. Now understand that these recordings do contain R Rated language and the occasional jokes so please be aware of some of the explicit nature of the recordings. As I type this Lisa and Jason are packing for our trip to Denver for our Warcraft Movie meet-up! Stay tuned for next week’s show as we fill you in on our great adventure! Have a listen gang and have fun! Diz

2 thoughts on “World of ZeeZ 45a

  1. Tian

    Hey Dizinee, I am the mage Msolucky.
    Is this your personal website? Cool!
    I will keep an eye on this.

    1. worldofzeez Post author

      Hey Tian!!! Yes this is our portal page to our podcast. we also have a website at I gave you a shout out in episode 46 ok.
      Take care and thanks for all your help in Arena!!!


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