World of ZeeZ 46

WoZHey Gang! Welcome to episode 46 of the World of ZeeZ podcast. We are back from our Denver movie meet up and we’ll tell you all about it and the fun we had. We introduce a new guildie, Ginger from the Saturday Morning WoW podcast. Diz gives a shout out to two PvPers that helped him get his 1550 rating in 2v2, Tyrbjorn and Msolucky, we have an update to our Movie Intro contest and all the latest happenings in the ZeeZ Guild. Have a listen and have fun! Diz

One thought on “World of ZeeZ 46

  1. Tian

    Hey man, I just downloaded this!
    Are those people your guilders? Cool.
    Keep going, you can push to 2k+!
    I just moved to another place, the network here is so bad, my online time will be less then ever.
    But good luck to you and your guild!

    Lok’tar Ogar!


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